enabling wind energy

Wind power development

We can help you in developing small or big wind power projects. With our partners in South Korea and India, we have a stronghold in  (south east) Asia.
Our knowledge and experience covers all
aspects of project development.
From the requisite of financing to
wind farm layout and procurement of equipment and construction works.


In house we have independent designers, planners and engineers to assist wind turbine manufacturers, owners or service & maintenance companies.
The technical specialists are used to all aspects of wind turbine technology.

Energy Storage

To overcome strong fluctuations in renewable energy production and/or the demand for energy, storage will become of paramount importance.
GreenWatt is working with energy storage systems based on Flow Batteries.  

About GreenWatt

GreenWatt has over 25 years of experience in wind energy. It has been involved in all technical aspects of wind energy, like wind power development, wind turbine design and the operation of wind turbines.