Poul van Slooten


Dedemsvaart, NL

Poul van Slooten is an electrical engineer with a long background in Wind Energy. During his career Mr. van Slooten built experience in broad areas of engineering like Service & Maintenance Engineer, Installation & Commissioning Engineer and Design Engineer for a variety of wind turbine sizes.

As such, he is a product specialist in his field. His career in Wind Energy started in 1995 with Lagerwey  Windturbine, one of the renowned wind turbine manufacturing pioneers in Europe. Among other responsibilities, he set up and executed training programs for engineers in several countries. Between 2003 and 2008, Mr. van Slooten continued with Wind Energy Solutions and concentrated there mainly on a full redesign of the Power Electronics and Control System, providing a deep know-how in the area of generator/converter systems. 

The years before being employed at 2-B Energy he was with Topwind Consultancy involving supervision on turbine installations and managing product documentation and manuals. Within 2-B Energy, Mr. van Slooten was responsible for design of the electrical configuration of a completely new 6 MW offshore wind turbine. This turbine is successfully installed and commissioned in 2015.


In 2017, Mr. van Slooten started the company GreenWatt.

Poul is responsible for the daily operation of GreenWatt and provides his expertise as an independent Principal Consultant – expert of windmill engineering. Guaranteeing his highest degree of accuracy, objectivity and confidentiality involved in hundreds of wind energy projects around the globe, he focuses on  delivering  accurate and bankable consultation and other related services to wind farm project development, such as elements within environmental impact assessment, site suitability studies, site prospecting, and measurement campaign guidance.